The Benefice of Potton,  Sutton and Cockayne Hatley


Sutton and Cockayne Hatley

About Us

Potton, Sutton and Cockayne Hatley
are three  Church of England Parishes
in east Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
and the Diocese of St Albans.

Our three churches are:

St Mary’s Church, Potton

All Saint’s Church, Sutton

St John the Baptist’s Church, Cockayne Hatley

The Benefice of

People living in Myers Road, Common Road, Wingfield Drive

Children & Young People, Potton Preschool & Woodentops, the various groups for very small children and parents/carers

First Steps, Toddler Service, Children’s Church, Soul Cinema, Messy Church; Open the Book (Sutton and Potton teams); St Mary’s Children & Youth Committee.

Monthly Intercessions Cycle

Each day directs our intercession to three “areas”:

1 Specific streets or areas in the Benefice

2 Topics of local community concern

3 Topics concerning the Ministry of the Church

People living in Everton Road,

Beech Close, Byards Green,

Garden Fields,

Sutton Lower School, Potton Lower School, Burgoyne School: Children, Staff and Governors

Churchwardens & PCCs

People living in St Peter's Court,

Astwood Close, Jacobs Close

The Police, Fire & Rescue Services, The Ambulance Service

Church Cleaners and Flower Arrangers

People living in Torrington Close, Jennings Close

Hospitals, District Nurses, MacMillan Nurses, Home Carers, Hospice at Home

Church’s Healing Ministry

People living in Downside

Gardens, Woodlands Close,

West End Lane

The Unemployed; those anxious about the security of their employment, those feeling trapped in unsuitable work; those with debt problems

Giving of time, talents & money; Parish Giving Committee.

People living in Mill Lane, Newtown, Festival Road, Old Bedford Road,

Bellevue Close

The Homeless

Church buildings, fabric maintenance. Major projects: St Mary’s: south porch toilet, north porch glazing, tower room renovation, heating and lighting.

People living in Nursery Close, Langley Gardens, Ibbet Lane, Mayston Close

Single parent families

The Salvation Army

People living in Sandy Road, Sycamore Close, Wagstaff


Stewardship of natural resources

Potton Vineyard Church

People living in Sutton Mill Road,

The Paddocks, Paddocks Chase

Local industry

Potton Baptist Church, Those who worship in Roman Catholic, Methodist, United Reformed Church, Society of Friends and other Churches serving our communities.

People living in Station Road, Shannon Place, Station Court,

Oak Crescent

Leisure, sport, pubs & clubs

Our seven congregations: 9am Benefice Communion; Potton, Sutton and Cockayne Hatley main services; NightLight; Toddlers; Travellers.

Living Light Church.

People living in Willow Court, Catherines Court, Willow Road

Sandy & Stratton Upper Schools

The newly Baptised and Confirmed, and those seeking Baptism and Confirmation.

People living in Chapman Close,

Baker Avenue, Burgoyne Court

Prisoners, young offenders, those tending to crime

Those who attend baptisms, weddings and funerals in the Benefice;
The Pastoral and Education Committee

People living in Caves Court,  

Chapel Street, Horslow Street

The victims of crime

Those preparing for marriage or recently married

St Mary’s Social and Fundraising Committees; Friends of Sutton Church; Friends of Cockayne Hatley Church.

People living in Sheffield Close, Carters Lane, Jakes Court,

Meeting Lane

The elderly

The work of The Church Army

People living in Biggleswade Road,

The Ridgeway

St John's Hospice at Moggerhanger

The bereaved

People living in Moon Corner, Blackbird Street, Horne Lane

Those who visit our church


Our Archdeacon

St Mary’s Hall Management Committee

People living in Lion Mews,

Diamond Court, Sun Street,

Royston Court

Couples undergoing marriage difficulties or breakdown

Those adults and children suffering the aftermath of divorce

People living in Market Square,  

Bull Street, Burdetts Court,

Queensbury Lodge

Trade , industry and commerce in the Benefice

Our organists and musicians, St Mary’s Choir.

People living in King Street,

Spencer Close

Abused children

The Children's Society, Save the Children

People living in Gamlingay

Road, The Manor

Those with learning difficulties

The Jubilee Project

Pemdale Nursing Home

People living in Manor Way,

Aldgate Close

The physically handicapped

The Mothers' Union

Craft and Chat Group

People living in Judith Gardens, Hatley Road, Church Causeway

Those who commute to work

The Church’s teaching & preaching ministry

The Local Ministry Development Team

People living in Brook End, Brooklands, Royston Street, Braybrooks Drive

Greensands Medical Practice, Potton Dental Surgery.

The Wilkins Memorial Trust.  Potton Consolidated Charity.

People living in Sheepwalk Close,

Bury Hill, Barnwell Rise, Sutton


Those who are  depressed, anxious, or suffering from mental illness

Christian Aid and other aid agencies and charitable organizations supported by our Benefice.

People living in Stewart Croft,

The Baulk, Wrestlingworth


Drug & Alcohol abuse, Alcoholics Anonymous,

Those looking to explore Christian faith, Confirmation Candidates

People living in Cockayne

Hatley Village Road,

The Farms & Market Gardens

Sutton C of E VA Lower School, Children Staff and Governors

United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel; St Anne’s Hospital, Liuli, Tanzania

People living in Sutton High Street,

Clay End,  Church Road, Church

Farm Close

St John’s College Oxford, our Patrons

The Bishop of St Albans

People living in Sutton Cross

Roads, Carthagena Road,

Deepdale, Biggleswade Road

Our member of Parliament

The Suffragan Bishops of Bedford and Hertford

People living in Central

Bedfordshire District Council

The staff of the Diocesan

Office, St Albans

Deanery Chapter & Synod, Rural Dean

Potton Town Council, Sutton

Parish Council, Cockayne Hatley & Wrestlingworth Parish Council

Diocesan Synod, The Boards and Committees,

The Dean & Chapter and St Albans Abbey

Our member of the European Parliament, East of England

Regional Council,

East of England Church Network, East of England Faiths Council

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, The Anglican Communion and Churches in Communion with the Anglican Church